The Washington Times - August 13, 2009, 01:07PM

A lot on the blog and in the dead-tree edition about the defensive line today.

And there’s just two more posts related to it (including this one). Promise.


But just for fun (and perspective), it seemed to appropriate to roll out the number of career starts Maryland has brought back during the Ralph Friedgen years.

For purposes of keeping this as much of an apples-to-apples comparison, the LEO position will be considered as a defensive end – basically because Maryland now has four true defensive end spots.

Onward to this chart, which only includes starts for guys who continued to play on the defensive line:

200135C. Hill 15, Whaley 11, Roundtree 5, L. Jones 2, S.Smith 2
200233Roundtree 16, Feldheim 12, L. Jones 2, S. Smith 2, Starks 1
200351Feldheim 20, Starks 15, Cochran 13, S. Smith 2, Merriman 1
200416Eli 10, Merriman 6
200512Bolston 10, R. Armstrong 2
200646Bolston 21, Navarre 10, Covington 9, Moore 3, Lemons 2, Savage 1
200765Navarre 22, Covington 21, Moore 13, Feliciano 7, Lemons 2
200870Navarre 35, Covington 34, R. Costa 1
10Ivey 4, D. Armstrong 3, Harrell 2, Drummond 1

In short, a lack of experience on the defensive line isn’t unprecedented during the Friedgen years. But it certainly is a little different than the last three seasons when at least two starters returned each time.

Patrick Stevens