The Washington Times - August 13, 2009, 09:11PM

Yes, some other things happened besides Dion Armstrong‘s departure. Among them. …

* Ralph Friedgen was downright ecstatic about the offense’s ability to connect on long passes. Of particular note was an underthrown pass Emani Lee-Odai hauled in by darting by and leaping up and over a defensive back.


* Another day, another Kenny Tate interception.

* Two true freshmen Friedgen wants extended looks at in Saturday’s scrimmage are center Bennett Fulper and guard Pete White.

“I think both of them will be good players,” Friedgen said. “I think if you see they may develop, hopefully you have them by the third or fourth game and you’ve added to your depth. That’s what I’m hoping is going to happen. Pete’s got to drop a little weight. … He’s very much in the thick of things because that right guard is up for grabs.”

* For the second straight day, Ralph put in a strong plug for linebacker Demetrius Hartsfield. Fearless forecast: Hartsfield will be a four-year starter for the Terps.

* Ben Pooler, coming off his knee injury, is a guy Friedgen is eager to get a look at in the scrimmage.

* Walk-on linebacker Herbert Law appears to be a guy pegged for extensive special teams duty because of his speed. Every spot an athletic player like Law or Hakeem Sule can fill up not only helps them get on the field, but also gives a starter some rest.

—- Patrick Stevens