The Washington Times - August 14, 2009, 11:30AM

Yesterday introduced the first member of the 2009 Green Jersey Gang (GJG), so named for the green medical jerseys injured Maryland players wear to practice.

It was only a minor hamstring tweak that shelved senior safety Jamari McCollough. It’s the sort of thing likely to sufficiently heal in a few days and not worth pushing more than three weeks before the season opener.


But you’d better believe McCollough would much rather be practicing.

And not just because the crafty veteran wants to savor every last minute of his final season.

Remember, if you’ve got a green jersey on, you’re sent to the stationary bike.

Which would be fine if it was indoors. With air conditioning. And a TV. Plus access to an iPod. Or perhaps a cell phone. You know, like at the neighborhood gym.

But this bike is outside. In the heat. With no luxuries, except a priceless view of the practice field. Just working up a sweat and going nowhere in a hurry while an injury gradually heals and your teammates fly around during the first week of camp.

Not a whole lot of fun. Which is why there isn’t much doubt that if McCollough can find a way to get back to wearing his usual No. 4 rather than a green jersey today, he will.

—- Patrick Stevens