The Washington Times - August 15, 2009, 09:55PM

Good news for Don Brown‘s defense: There’s at least one ACC team Maryland’s new scheme can shut down.

The caveat is that the team rendered feeble by lots and lots of blitzing is Maryland.


In the first nine possessions of tonight’s scrimmage in College Park, Maryland managed two first downs.

Which is to say that “the defense is ahead of the offense” is an understatement the likes of which we probably won’t hear for the rest of the season.

It’s also fair to point out the first-team offense didn’t log a whole lot of time. Chris Turner attempted only four passes. By my count, Da’Rel Scott had two carries.

So this had a whole lot more to do with the second-team offense (and beyond) not being able to move the ball with any sort of proficiency until later in the session.

Coach Ralph Friedgen wasn’t sure exactly who might have emerged, demurring until an old-fashioned look at the tape. But chances are, beyond Caleb Porzel (five carries, 48 yards) and D.J. Adams (six carries, 24 yards), the third-stringers probably didn’t do too much to scream “immediate help is here.”

—- Patrick Stevens