The Washington Times - August 16, 2009, 06:37AM

Don’t have much time this morning, but I’ll have some blog tidbits tomorrow on my trip up to rural California, Pa., to visit with Josh Portis.

For now, today’s dead-tree edition feature will have to suffice as an update on how Portis is faring at the Division II school.


What was interesting about our half-hour interview in California’s dining area/student union was how many questions he asked me.

How’s Maryland doing?

How’s the new defense?

How’s Antwine Perez looking?

Are they going to play all those receivers?

When do the Terps open up?

It is clear that, despite some frustration about not playing (he was stunned when I told him he’d played 46 snaps in the last three years), he isn’t bitter with how things turned out at Maryland.

In fact, he’s hoping his second ex-school enjoys the sort of success his first ex-school has since he left.

“I don’t look back at anything I do,” Portis said. “When I was at Florida, I played as a true freshman, played and got impatient, the whole freshman syndrome. Fortunately, they went on to win two national championships once I leave. Hopefully for Maryland they win the ACC championship this year. I really want them to because there’s a lot of really good people on that team. Coach [Ralph] Friedgen hasn’t won a championship in a long time and I wish the best for him.”

Like I said, more on that visit tomorrow.

—- Patrick Stevens