The Washington Times - August 17, 2009, 05:03PM

Maryland center Phil Costa broke it down pretty simply today.

There’s only one spot on the offensive line he has questions about. And it’s not just because Lamar Young and Andrew Gonnella have enjoyed solid first weeks of camp.


It has more to do with proximity than anything. He and left tackle Bruce Campbell figure to be entrenched in their positions, which should allow them to be stabilizing forces for both guards.

“[Campbell] is locked into the position, and we feel confident. I’ll be a center, so whoever is playing between us, we think he’s going to be fine because he has two older guys he’s playing between,” Costa said. “The right guard, I’m playing next to so I can help him out. The one concern is the right tackle.”

Same as it ever was.

That made sense a week ago, given the battle between Tyler Bowen, R.J. Dill and Paul Pinegar. An update, though, doesn’t seem forthcoming.

“So far in camp —- and maybe the coaches have a different opinion —- but nobody in my mind has stuck out yet at right tackle between Dill, Bowen and Pinegar,” Costa said. “One guy —- Pinegar —- has playing experience. Just not being between Bruce and I or next to [one of us], it’s a concern of ours.”

If that quote was from a week ago, it probably wouldn’t stand out as much.

But at this point, well, it’s probably getting to the point where Maryland should be a wee bit nervous about the continued existence of such uncertainty.

“I wish I could say differently,” Costa admitted.

Chances are, he’s not the only one in Maryland’s program who feels that way.

—- Patrick Stevens