The Washington Times - August 17, 2009, 01:51PM

The best looks I’ve gotten at Maryland backup quarterback Jamarr Robinson have come in a pair of JV games last fall and the spring game back in April.

To the untrained eye, two things stood out.


One, he could take an awful set of circumstances and get something surprisingly good out of it.

Two, he could take a great set of circumstances and get something patently average out of it.

Which basically means he’s a young quarterback still finding his way.

And from how Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen answered my question about Robinson’s progress, it appears that for once, the amateur analysis was just about right.

“There’s times where Jamarr really does some pretty special things,” Friedgen said. “Then there’s other times where he …”

There’s really no need to finish the thought. You have a decent idea where this is going.

But, just for fun, I’ll end this interruption of Ralph and let him finish.

“I don’t know what it is,” Friedgen said. “Sometimes, I think he just loses focus. When he’s focused, he plays very, very well. He has a strong arm and he can make some tough throws. Then when he kind of gets out of it, [you ask] ‘Why are you throwing there?’ and sometimes he can’t tell you.”

Go back and re-read that paragraph.

Now think back a couple years and think about who it would have applied to then.

Sure seems like as a redshirt sophomore, Robinson is in about the same place Chris Turner was.

That’s not to say Robinson will turn out as good as Turner.

But Friedgen certainly wants the same thing from Robinson that he did from Turner: Consistency.

“That’s the next step he has to take,” Friedgen said.

—- Patrick Stevens