The Washington Times - August 18, 2009, 11:12AM

While he isn’t too overt about his place on Maryland’s roster, it’s clear center Phil Costa knows he’s in a crucial place on the Terrapins’ offensive line.

So he knew it was smart to sit out Saturday’s scrimmage because of a tweaked knee, if only for the long-term.


For those two hours, though, it wasn’t all that pleasant watching linebacker Alex Wujciak —- his best friend —- devour Costa’s replacements.

“I wish I was out there,” Costa said. “It looked like Wujciak was having too much fun with the other centers. If I was out there with him, he might have a few less tackles.”

Indeed, arguably the best day-in, day-out matchup on the roster is Wujciak-vs.-Costa. Both are New Jersey products, and if there was a list made of the non-specialists most likely to make the all-conference at the end of the season, both would be near the top of the list.

“I love going against him, because there’s a rivalry just between us,” Costa said. “But he’s also a first-team all-ACC guy on all the lists. It makes me better, and I think it makes him better. We’re going against good guys and it’s fun. He’s a talker, and he’ll get me talking.”

That’s interesting, in large part because Wujciak looks and acts the part of the ultra-aggressive linebacker. Let’s just say it’s not hard to imagine him dealing some trash talk throughout a game.

Costa, though, isn’t nearly as loud or as frequent a chatterbox. Pointed in what he says? Almost certainly, which is clearly a valuable trait for this year’s line.

But he isn’t too quiet, whether he’s going against Wujciak or someone else.

“O-line, it’s tough to talk,” Costa said. “It’s a lot of controlled aggression. But maybe after blocking I’ll slip a little kind words, I guess is more how we’ll put it.”

—- Patrick Stevens