The Washington Times - August 20, 2009, 07:37PM

Maryland passed along some mock scrimmage stats a bit ago. Nothing major, obviously, but just passing along the latest after an 80-snap session.

This was a touch scrimmage, so running back stats are effectively worthless. It’s not like Maryland has Bo Jackson and will be playing Tecmo Bowl.


One play of note: A touchdown pass from Da’Rel Scott to Chris Turner. Hmmm.

Here’s some numbers of significance (EDIT at 10:26 p.m. upon arrival of corrected stats):


Chris Turner: 9-13-80-1 INT
Jamarr Robinson: 16-28-250-3 TD


Kevin Dorsey: 5-61-TD
LaQuan Williams: 3-84-TD
Torrey Smith: 3-46


Anthony Wiseman: 6 tackles
Jamari McCollough: 4 tackles, 2 sack, INT
Antwine Perez: INT

—- Patrick Stevens