The Washington Times - August 20, 2009, 09:15AM

There were some rumblings that the full ACC basketball schedule could be released this week.

Since that’s such a complex project, it’s not a surprise it won’t be out for a few more days. But it’s certainly nearing completion.


And thanks to a tip from a loyal reader, here’s another nonconference tidbit for Maryland’s schedule.

Namely, a visit from independent Longwood on Jan. 19.

(The schedule is on page 3 of the PDF and comes with the ever-ominous caveat “subject to change.” But for now, it hasn’t been changed).

Anyway, assuming that is indeed correct (folks in the ACC are tight-lipped about most basketball scheduling information), it means the Terps’ nonconference schedule looks a little like this, minus two or three games:

Nov. 3: Indiana, Pa. (exhibition)
Nov. 17: Fairfield
Nov. 23: at Chaminade, 9:30
Nov. 24: vs. Cincinnati/Vanderbilt at Maui Invitational
Nov. 25: vs. Arizona/Colorado/Gonzaga/Wisconsin at Maui Invitational

Dec. 1: at Indiana, 7:30
Dec. 6: vs. Villanova at Verizon Center (BB&T Classic), 7:30
Dec. 12: Eastern Kentucky, 2
Dec. 22: Winston-Salem State
Dec. 27: Florida Atlantic, 8
Dec. 30: William & Mary

Jan. 3: at UNC Greensboro, 2
Jan. 19: Longwood, 7


Clemson (home-and-away)
Duke (home-and-away)
Florida State (home-and-away)
N.C. State (home-and-away)
Virginia (home-and-away)
Georgia Tech (home)
Miami (home)
North Carolina (home)
Boston College (away)
Virginia Tech (away)
Wake Forest (away)

—- Patrick Stevens