The Washington Times - August 21, 2009, 04:30PM

Maryland knows who it’s quarterback will be. And its fullback

And has a pretty good idea about its tailbacks.


But the receivers?

It’s still up in the air.

And that’s why I chatted with Lee Hull, the Terrapins’ wide receivers coach, last night about just how his unit is faring during camp.

Q: How’s your unit looking right now? Besides Adrian Cannon, it doesn’t sound necessarily like anyone has entirely separated themselves that much.

LH: He’s the one making the most plays and separating himself, but the other guys are still making plays. Maybe not as many. Adrian is further along in understanding the offense and what he has to do. That’s why I think the other guys, when they catch up to Adrian that way as far as their understanding what they need to do and each route and why we’re doing it. I’m happy where we’re at with the other guys. I think we’ve got five guys or so who can play, and the other three or four guys need to pick it up.

Q: Torrey’s the one guy in the bunch that is probably the one known quantity in the bunch. What have seen from him so far?

LH: He hasn’t really played a lot because he was a quarterback in high school, and he’s still learning in that way. You see the flashes where he could be a great, dynamic receiver but he just has to become more consistent. Last year, he wasn’t the focal point and we were throwing the ball to Darrius [Heyward-Bey], so he was in single coverage and we told him to go deep and make some plays for us.

Now, where he has to be an all-around receiver, that’s where he’s got to pick up all the little things that he needs to do.

Q: One of the things Chris Turner mentioned before the season started was how much he’d missed LaQuan Williams. Do you see a new LaQuan now that he’s healthy?

LH: Yeah, he’s hungry and he wants to play. His thing is he has to be a little more consistent because he hasn’t played in a couple years, so he’s still trying to get the rust off and just understanding what we’re trying to do offensively because he really hasn’t played in this offense because he played in the first couple games and got hurt.

He really didn’t do anything through spring ball, so he’s kind of just behind a little bit in that way. But you could see [Thursday], catching the ball, he’s a tough kid. He’ll block. He’s one of the more natural receivers, just being able to understand finding the holes and doing that. That’s why he’ll be a real good slot, and that’s why I think he’ll really be able to help us out.

Q: What do you see out of Kevin Dorsey and Kerry Boykins, the two redshirt freshmen who might have their first crack at some point this year?

LH: I think Kevin, again, Kevin hasn’t played. Kevin’s like a true freshman because he’s been hurt. He didn’t go through fall camp, and he got hurt in the spring. He practiced, but this is really where he’s getting his most reps. He’s a little behind those guys, everybody else a little bit knowledge-wise, just in knowing the offense.

He made a couple plays out there [Thursday]. He has real strong hands and can catch the ball. He’s really a strong and physical guy. I think once he gets comfortable in this offense, he’ll thrive.

Q: Ronnie Tyler and Tony Logan are two guys we haven’t talked about yet here, but both played some last year, certainly Tyler moreso. Are they in that top group at this point.

LH: Ronnie definitely is. Ronnie’s right now the starter in the slot. He catches everything. He has great hands and he makes spectacular catches, but he’s worked a lot harder. He had to learn how to practice because games, he shows up. We want him to be a better practice player. Putting LaQuan in the slot has really made him a better player because he knows he has someone pushing him behind him who is trying to take his job.

He’s been practicing better. Ronnie’s trying to do everything we tell him to do. I really expect him to have a pretty good year this year because he’s pretty nifty.

Tony, he’s in there. He’s in the mix. Again, he hasn’t played a lot. He played special teams more than he played offense. Again, he’s learning the offense. He’s another kid who was a quarterback in high school. We’ve got these good athletes who haven’t played receiver. They’re still trying to learn it. I think he’ll be fine in time.

Q: What’s been your biggest surprise from the first week and a half of camp?

LH: Really, how Adrian’s done. That’s been the biggest surprise, because last year and even in the spring he was a little bit inconsistent. He’s been very consistent. I think that’s a big surprise.

I think we all though Torrey was going to be the big breakout guy, which I think I still feel comfortable that he will. It’s just taking him a little longer to get there than we expected. I think Adrian is the biggest surprise.

—- Patrick Stevens