The Washington Times - August 21, 2009, 03:01PM

The two-week mark of camp means a few important things for the Maryland football team.

It’s the midpoint of the start of camp and the first game. It’s after that stage that extensive game preparation begins.


Oh, and one other thing —- it means players can move out of their digs at La Plata Hall to their usual quarters.

And that’s no small thing.

“I call that ‘The Jailhouse,’ because those beds are the worst,” senior safety Jamari McCollough said. “The worst.”

For those not as familiar with Maryland’s campus, here’s a bit of a housing primer.

La Plata is an air-conditioned high-rise on North Campus, and is a short walk from the Gossett team house. That makes it an ideal place to house players during camp; it’s certainly better than the other highrises, which are basically brick-and-cement ovens that house a lot of freshmen once classes begin.

The most desirable housing is the South Campus Commons, a set of apartment building constructed in the last eight years. That happens to be where McCollough lives.

“It’s definitely worth the walk,” McCollough said. “I’d stay there any night over La Plata.”

In any case, La Plata does make a solid complement to the aggravation of camp —- which has a way of dragging on and on.

Just ask McCollough how long he’s been in the dorm.

“When was that? A week ago? Two weeks ago?” McCollough said. “It feels like it was a month ago.”

Fortunately for him, in less than 48 hours he’ll have a get out of jail for free card.

—- Patrick Stevens