The Washington Times - August 21, 2009, 11:05AM

This is arguably the toughest week of Maryland’s camp.

There’s three sets of two-a-days, plus a mock scrimmage and a full-fledged scrimmage —- all in a six-day stretch.


And it’s not a new phenomenon.

Coach Ralph Friedgen maintained notes on practices through his tenure at Maryland. And the Wednesday in the second week —- he dubbed it the “hump day” of camp —- is particularly brutal.

Sure enough, it was again this year, as he explained to his complaining staff.

“I said ‘Three out of the nine years we threw the team off the field on this day,’” Friedgen said. “They said ‘That’s not the case with this bunch. They’re working hard, the tank’s empty.’ I said ‘Yeah.’ It is kind of interesting io make little notes and go back and look and it’s ‘Hmm.’”

One other day that traditionally flummoxes Friedgen is the first day of classes. No doubt we’ll hear about that in another week and a half.

—- Patrick Stevens