The Washington Times - August 23, 2009, 01:26PM

Maryland is going through all of its pregame work, making this scrimmage as much like an autumn Saturday as possible.

Except it’s an August Sunday. A hot, sticky August Sunday.


There’s a handful of fans here, probably a few more than the number of workers who are cleaning some of the bleachers on the Tyser Tower side of the bleachers. Nearly everyone is in the shade, which is just smart.

As for me? I’m making do with what I can. The only electrical outlets I can find are next to some of the out-of-order soda machines. It is, rest assured, quite a sight.

(In fact, three fans just confused me for concession worker. Not exactly a highlight of the day).

Anyway, it looks like the linebackers have just joined the receivers, defensive backs, specialists and quarterbacks on the field, so scrimmage time is fast approaching.

Among the jobs that could possibly be decided (or nearly decided) today are:

* Kicker (Mike Barbour and Nick Wallace)
* Tight end (Tommy Galt and Lansford Watson)
* Right tackle (Paul Pinegar, Tyler Bowen and R.J. Dill)

And that doesn’t even include the cast of thousands at wide receiver.

I’ll have more afterward. Assuming, of course, I’m not dragooned into dispensing sodas to a thirsty fan base in the interim.

—- Patrick Stevens