The Washington Times - August 23, 2009, 08:08PM

Loyal readers know one of my favorite sayings is that numbers are like people; if you torture them enough, they’ll tell you anything.

Well, here are the numbers from today’s scrimmage at Maryland. Hopefully, this vetting of them (with a few superfluous numbers omitted) will not be in violation of the Geneva Accords.



Gary Douglas 17-122
Morgan Green 10-56, TD
Davin Meggett 5-45, TD
Da’Rel Scott 4-33
Caleb Porzel 6-26
Tony Logan 1-23
D.J. Adams 8-17
C.J. Brown 1-16
Chris Turner 2-13
Andrew Braxton 3-5
Louis Berman 1-3
Dan Bonato 2-[-1]

Douglas was the star of the day, and the split of carries makes it clear the plan was to get a look at the guys at the bottom half of the depth chart. Porzel’s total doesn’t include a 35-yard scamper called back.

Meggett and Scott both had their moments, but Ralph Friedgen wisely passed on giving them more chances to get hurt.


Chris Turner 13-20-113, TD, INT
Robinson 5-14-59
Danny O’Brien 1-5-29
C.J. Brown 0-1-0

A fairly efficient day for Turner, who is probably glad he won’t have to face Eric Franklin in real games. Robinson wasn’t quite at his best, but he also is hindered a bit by the nature of being “down” when he’s tagged. It’s also pretty clear that if all goes according to plan, neither freshman will see a real game for a while —- if not the full season.


Adrian Cannon 4-39
Torrey Smith 2-39, TD
Ronnie Tyler 2-22
Quintin McCree 2-15
Matt Furstenburg 2-5
Tony Logan 1-29
Lansford Watson 1-15
LaQuan Williams 1-16
Taylor Watson 1-6
Tommy Galt 1-5
Kevin Dorsey 1-5
Haroon Brown 1-5

Plenty of opportunities spread around, just as expected. Equally expected was that Cannon and Smith would capitalize on their chances as well or better than anyone. It certainly seems those two are well on their way to starting on Sept. 5, barring a collapse in the next week.

Tackles (Solo-Assisted-Total):

Eric Franklin (1-7-8); Trenton Hughes (6-1-7); Austin Walker (4-2-6); Demetrius Hartsfield (3-3-6); Kenny Tate (3-2-5), Avery Murray (3-2-5)

Alex Wujciak (2-3-5); Thomas Wright (2-3-5); Anthony Wiseman (2-3-5); Darin Drakeford (3-1-4); Terrell Skinner (2-2-4); Richard Taylor (1-3-4)

Cameron Chism (1-3-4); Ben Pooler (1-3-4); Drew Gloster (2-1-3); Justin Anderson (1-2-3); Ryan Donohue (1-2-3); Chris Rhodes (0-3-3)

Obum Akunyili (0-3-3); Nolan Carroll (2-0-2); Derek Drummond (2-0-2); Antwine Perez (1-1-2); Herbert Law (1-1-2); Jared Harrell (1-1-2)

Brandon Jackson-Mills (0-2-2); Bradley Johnson (0-2-2); Anthony Green (0-2-2); Zach Kerr (0-2-2); Michael Carter (0-2-2); Deege Galt (1-0-1)

Adrian Moten (1-0-1); Emani Lee-Odai (1-0-1); A.J. Francis (1-0-1)’ Isaiah Ross (1-0-1); Travis Hawkins (1-0-1), De’Onte Arnett (0-1-1); Josh Horton (0-1-1), Hakeem Sule (0-1-1)

Franklin continues his push for a role as a true freshman. Hughes has solidified a spot as one of the backup corners. Hartsfield is getting closer to sewing up his own starting spot

Tackles for Loss (No.-Yards):

Hartsfield (2-9), Moten (1-8), Anderson (1-6), Wujciak (1-4), Ross (1-4), Drummond (1-3), Tate (1-2), Wright (1-2), Law (0.5-1), Akunyili (0.5-1)

The strength was in the entire defense rather than simply an individual player. Hartsfield, Moten and Tate have been staples on this list during camp.

Sacks (No.-Yards):

Moten (1-8), Hartsfield (1-6), Anderson (1-6)



Field goals

Mike Barbour: 4-7 (Made —- 30, 45, 36, 39; Missed —- 46, 42, 45)
Nick Ferrara: 2-2 (Made —- 45, 37)

The true freshman might have a chance at slipping in late for the gig, but Barbour appears to be fairly reliable inside 40 yards.


Punts (No./Avg.):

Travis Baltz 6/36.8
Nick Ferrara 1/33.0

This is Baltz’s job.

Kick Returns (No./Avg.):

Torrey Smith 2/28.5
Caleb Porzel 1/40.0
Tony Logan 1-17.0

Tough to think Smith’s job is in jeopardy, but Porzel could be an interesting weapon in this spot if necessary.

—- Patrick Stevens