The Washington Times - August 24, 2009, 08:52AM

An early camp mystery was trying to figure out just why Torrey Smith was struggling to re-establish himself as one of Maryland’s top wideouts.

It turned out he just had a bit much on his plate.


There was practice. And meetings.

Oh, and an online course he worked on at night.

But if all went according to plan after yesterday’s scrimmage, that is in his rear-view mirror.

“I’ve got a final paper, but my professor was nice with me,” Smith said. “He told me I could push it off until after the scrimmage. I’m about to knock that out in a little while and get back to football.”

He’s already started to. Coach Ralph Friedgen has seen improvement from Smith over the last few days, and it seems likely he and Adrian Cannon will start the season as Maryland’s top receiver threats.

Smith had two catches for 39 yards yesterday, including a 33-yard touchdown catch from Chris Turner early in the session.

“That was a blown coverage,” Turner said. “I wish I could say it was a great play, but it was a blown coverage. He made a good adjustment, and that’s kind of the idea of the no-huddle offense —- to create some kind of confusion and some kind of chaos.”

The no-huddle can do that. So can possessing two viable and highly productive targets.

With Smith dialed back in, Maryland very well might have just that.

—- Patrick Stevens