The Washington Times - August 25, 2009, 12:04AM

A loyal reader pointed out via Twitter the possibility of Maryland going with a two-headed monster at kicker.

And after compiling how the Terrapins’ options have done in scrimmages, it made more than a little sense.


After all, Mike Barbour is great inside 40 yards and sketchy outside of it.

To wit, with each player’s attempts from each of the three scrimmages/mock scrimmages on separate lines:

Kicker Made Missed
26-Barbour 47, 35, 35, 32
37, 39, 42
30, 45, 36, 39
45, 40
39, 42
46, 42, 45
32-Wallace 35, 27
55, 42
43-Ferrara —-
45, 37

Clearly, Barbour has received the bulk of the work. He’s 8-for-9 from inside 40 yards, and 3-for-9 from 40 yards and beyond.

This isn’t a groundbreaking statement, but 88.9 percent is good for a kicker, and 33.3 percent is not.

So might a kicker committee work here, with Nick Ferrara handing the longer attempts?

“I have thought about that, if Ferrara can keep hitting the long ones,” coach Ralph Friedgen said. “He was 2-out-3 from the 28 [roughly a 45-yarder] today. My only worry with him is he’s been low. He’s been getting them up higher now. If they’re low, they blocked and go the other way. I have thought about that.”

One reliable option would be a more ideal situation. But the Terps aren’t in a terribly ideal spot, and with another 10 days now until the season opener, a decision needs to be made.

There’s a chance it drags into next week. But for now, Barbour has received the most work and is fairly reliable inside a certain range —- even though he might have the best leg of the three at this stage.

“Barbour, it seems like you have to get inside the 25,” Friedgen said. “Yet he usually has the strongest leg. He doesn’t miss it short. He misses it wide, left or right, even when he’s kicking from the 28- or 29-yard line. I don’t know why that is. He has an unusual form. He doesn’t follow through. He kind of punches the ball.”

As long as it goes through the uprights, Friedgen will be happy. But given the disparity around the 40-yard mark, Maryland might have to hedge its bets with two kickers rather than one.

—- Patrick Stevens