The Washington Times - August 25, 2009, 02:12PM

I’ve seen a neat item in a couple media guides this season detailing exactly how a team’s scholarship players joined the program.

In short, it’s a quick cheat sheet to keep track of arrivals. And I took some time to build one for Maryland.


And after the confirmation Andrew Gonnella and Paul Pinegar will be on scholarship this year, it seems like a worthwhile thing to share with loyal readers (while also ensuring it’s someplace online if my laptop goes to Computer Purgatory at some point).

So, yes, it’s just a list. But it’s certainly worth a look for Maryland fans (#-did not redshirt):

Signed in 2004 —- Arrived in January 2004 (1)

Richard Taylor

Signed in 2005 —- Arrived in August 2005 (10)

Nolan Carroll
Phil Costa
Deege Galt
Tommy Galt
Jared Harrell
Travis Ivey
Jamari McCollough
Terrell Skinner
Chris Turner
Anthony Wiseman

Signed in 2006 —- Arrived in January 2006 (1)

Morgan Green

Signed in 2006 —- Arrived in August 2006 (9)

Adrian Cannon
Drew Gloster
#Cory Jackson
Brandon Jackson-Mills
Emani Lee-Odai
Adrian Moten
Da’Rel Scott
LaQuan Williams
Alex Wujciak

Walked on in 2006 —- Awarded scholarship in 2009 (1)

Paul Pinegar

Signed in 2006 —- Arrived in January 2007 (1)

Jamarr Robinson

Transferred in 2007 —- Arrived in January 2007 (1)

Antwine Perez

Signed in 2007 —- Arrived in January 2007 (1)

#Travis Baltz

Signed in 2007 —- Arrived in August 2007 (17)

Tyler Bowen
#Haroon Brown
#Bruce Campbell
Michael Carter
Ian Davidson
Derek Drummond
Maurice Hampton
Trenton Hughes
Tony Logan
Quintin McCree
Ben Pooler
Stephen St. John
Torrey Smith
Ronnie Tyler
Lansford Watson
Taylor Watson
Lamar Young

Walked on in 2007 —- Awarded scholarship in 2009 (1)

Andrew Gonnella

Signed in 2007 —- Arrived in January 2008 (2)

Carl Russell
Joe Vellano

Signed in 2008 —- Arrived in January 2008 (4)

Devonte Campbell
Kevin Dorsey
Matt Furstenburg
Demetrius Hartsfield

Signed in 2008 —- Arrived in August 2008 (10)

Kerry Boykins
#Cameron Chism
R.J. Dill
Gary Douglas
A.J. Francis
Justin Gilbert
Masengo Kabongo
Justin Lewis
#Davin Meggett
#Kenny Tate

Signed in 2009 —- Arrived in January 2009 (4)

Cody Blue
Darin Drakeford
Zach Kerr
Avery Murray

Signed in 2009 —- Arrived in August 2009 (20)

D.J. Adams
Justin Anderson
De’Onte Arnett
C.J. Brown
Pete DeSouza
Ryan Donahue
Nick Ferrara
Eric Franklin
Bennett Fulper
Avery Graham
Travis Hawkins
Bradley Johnson
Nick Klemm
Dexter McDougle
Danny O’Brien
Caleb Porzel
Isaiah Ross
Dave Stinebaugh
Pete White
Marcus Whitfield

—- Patrick Stevens