The Washington Times - August 25, 2009, 01:51PM

Just passing along an interesting tidbit from Maryland, which announced a sellout for the Nov. 14 game against Virginia Tech.

(Cue up the black uniforms now).


In any case, that sellout does not include Maryland’s suites and mezzanine seating (and, as the school’s release said, some tickets left over for season-ticket holders).

So, basically, it’s sort of a sellout —- one Maryland is opting to define rather than the capacity of Byrd Stadium.

So is it good? Sure. That game, along with Virginia’s visit in October, figured to be the best-attended games of the season on paper.

But even in an obviously welcome sliver of news, it’s hard to avoid looking at suites sales and season ticket totals as a part of why Maryland would trumpet a potential attendance achievement right now.

—- Patrick Stevens