The Washington Times - August 26, 2009, 09:49AM

Of the many things Maryland linebacker Demetrius Hartsfield chatted about during our discussion about his chances of starting as a redshirt freshman, the most amusing was probably his desire to defeat all the schools he grew up watching.

From today’s dead-tree edition:


“My goal last year, even though I wasn’t playing, was to sweep the Carolina teams,” said Hartsfield, who saw the Terps go 3-0 in those games. “This year, I have to. That’s a must for me. The fact they’re all in North Carolina means more to me because I get to go home three times.”

Hartsfield said he grew up two minutes from N.C. State  —- basically a single turn and a brief drive down a street and he rolls onto campus. The Terrapins play the Wolfpack on Nov. 7, after October dates with Wake Forest and Duke.

And while Hartsfield isn’t willing to claim victory in the battle at Will linebacker until his coaches tell him he’ll start, he isn’t taking any chances with tickets for his homecomings.

“I’m working to get some trades in,” Hartsfield said. “I have to start early, because I know it’s going to be hard. I’m just excited. That’s going to be big for me.”

I wondered about who Hartsfield might try to deal with. And since Adrian Moten is basically a big brother to Hartsfield, it seemed reasonable to ask the Prince George’s County native if Hartsfield was asking around.

“He may have, but he knows he isn’t going to get my tickets,” Moten said. “That’s too close to home. I’m going try to end up getting some tickets from him. I think he’s going to get enough tickets. A lot of guys, like [Chris] Turner and all them, Turner will want all the Cal tickets, so they’ll probably swap. He’s going to get enough tickets. He’s going to have a whole cast of family members down there and hopefully my family will be down there with them.”

OK, so no help from Moten. But that’s OK. He shouldn’t have too much trouble scrounging up seats at Duke (though the Blue Devils’ attendance skyrocketed last year), so that leaves two games.

And clearly, that trip back to Raleigh to face N.C. State is as big a priority as any of them.

“Every time I go home, I’m always having people coming up and asking me about the games,” Hartsfield said. “My friends, family, coaches. I’m just excited about that.”

—- Patrick Stevens