The Washington Times - August 27, 2009, 11:49PM

Just like Sunday’s scrimmage, here’s a rundown of the stats from tonight’s session at Maryland and what they mean going forward:



Adams 10-59; Douglas 8-30; Scott 4-28; Meggett 4-18-TD; Braxton 2-17; Bonato 4-13; O’Brien 1-13; Brown 1-11; Green 1-2; Turner 1-(-4); Robinson 4-(-10)

The distribution of carries says a lot about how far Gary Douglas has come in the last two weeks. Suddenly, he looks like a good bet for the travel roster, and Morgan Green is in danger of fading into obscurity before the season even starts.

Meanwhile, D.J. Adams might be ready to go at some point this year. Maryland probably won’t need to burn his redshirt, but he’ll be an intriguing possibility next year for certain.


Turner 6-8-102-1 TD; Robinson 8-20-99; Brown 3-8-21, 3 INT; O’Brien 1-5-3

Offensive coordinator James Franklin said Danny O’Brien is the leader for the No. 3 quarterback gig, which basically will entail going on trips. Neither true freshman has mastered the offense, which is understandable.

Chris Turner, meanwhile, was apparently sharp again. That has to please both Franklin and Ralph Friedgen.


Cannon 3-50; Meggett 3-23; Furstenburg 2-28-TD; Watson 2-24; Boykins 2-18; T. Smith 1-30; Adams 1-5; Scott 1-5; Dorsey 1-5

Further evidence Adrian Cannon will be a valued target in the offense this year. In addition, Maryland was probably happy to see both Matt Furstenburg and Lansford Watson catch some passes. If the Terps’ tight ends are productive, that would solve a serious question mark that still exists.


A. Green (1-71), Wujciak (1-14), Sule (1-1)

Alex Wujciak was again everywhere in limited work, and the possibility of him once more acting as a tackle magnet is one of the few traits that will carry over from the old defense to the new defense.


Ferrara 3/3 (45, 48, 48); Barbour 2/2 (46, 46)

Nothing solved here. The last time Maryland was truly flipping a coin at kicker at this stage was 2001, when Nick Novak and Vedad Siljkovic shared the job early in the season before Novak wrested control of it by early October. Novak, like Ferrara, was a freshman at the time.


Baltz 6-47.3

Nothing to see here but the usual. Coach Ralph Friedgen said it might have been the best Baltz has fared since he arrived 2 1/2 years ago.


McDougle 1-19, Wiseman 1-5

With both Tony Logan and Caleb Porzel banged up, the Terps went to Plans C and D.


T. Smith 1-87.0, McDougle 2/23.5

As if it was needed, this only reinforces that Smith will not cede the kickoff return duties anytime soon. As an aside, if the sophomore matches his total from last year, he’ll be fourth in kickoff return yardage and tied for seventh in kickoff return attempts in ACC history at the end of the season.

—- Patrick Stevens