The Washington Times - August 27, 2009, 10:35AM

It’s the time of year when just about any redshirt could be burned.

But with a 24-man freshman class, and by my unofficial count just 27 juniors and seniors on scholarship, the possibility of more freshmen playing is stronger.


And so while it is interesting to hear Ralph Friedgen say Deege Galt “is playing like he’s a madman” or that Carl Russell is impressing the coaches, it’s probably more relevant to note that another true freshman could factor in at defensive end.

Namely Isaiah Ross.

“The last week of practice, he’s done some pretty good things. Right now, he’s not on any special teams,” Friedgen said. “We have Derek Drummond and Jared Harrell playing ahead of him, but he’s coming on. Do you keep him as a spare? Do you play him only if you need to play him? Or do you go ahead and say ‘Hey, let’s go, let’s play this guy.’”

Friedgen said if it was up to line coach Dave Sollazzo, they’d probably go ahead and play Ross.

At this point, Ross would be the fifth or sixth defensive end, depending on whether Masengo Kabongo winds up spending more time at tackle or on the outside.

—- Patrick Stevens