The Washington Times - August 28, 2009, 12:04AM

Plenty more to get to from tonight’s scrimmage, but it can wait until the morning.

But I do want to open up the mailbag and see what loyal reader Slatter has to say now:


Who of the 2009 Terps has a chance at getting drafted in 2010, and where do they fall in the draft (first round, first day, seventh round, etc.)?

Whenever I get questions like this, I like to start the admission I am not a pro personnel director, a scout or anything like that. Nor, truthfully, do I harbor such aspirations. Playing Mel Kiper Jr. isn’t the goal here.

That said, the best bet to go high in the 2010 draft would be left tackle Bruce Campbell —- should he choose to leave after his junior year.

If he has another 1,000-yard year, Da’Rel Scott would have to be a viable option to bolt early as well. He’d be a draftable commodity, but it would be sheer guesswork to try to figure out that answer now.

Among the 12 scholarship seniors are some interesting possibilities. Nolan Carroll is a big, physical cornerback whose strengths will be amplified in Don Brown‘s new defense. He might turn out to be the biggest immediate winner in the coordinator switch.

Center Phil Costa is sturdy and versatile. He isn’t huge by any stretch, but if he can help hold this year’s line together, that will probably help his stock.

Everybody needs a fullback; it’s just a matter of who has a need after this season. But Cory Jackson‘s pretty good, and assuming he’s healthy (a big if given a fullback’s occupational hazards), he might receive a look if someone wants to use a pick on that position.

But even without the draft as  a sole factor, a lot of players receive sniffs at pro camps. Look at Chase Bullock; the guy played only a bit at Maryland and he’s fared relatively well in a training camp stint in Arizona.

That’s why counting out the likes of Jamari McCollough, Terrell Skinner, Chris Turner and Anthony Wiseman is foolish, too; those guys actually have played, and rather well at certain times.

That list doesn’t even include Travis Ivey, whose sheer size and athleticism should earn him a camp invite in the tackle-starved NFL.

But in terms of sure things? Campbell is it —- should he choose to leave school after this year.

—- Patrick Stevens