The Washington Times - August 29, 2009, 01:22PM

Covered a lot of subjects when I chatted with Jamarr Robinson earlier this week for today’s story on the backup quarterback.

Among them was the first time the redshirt sophomore got on the field.


That was in last year’s 17-15 defeat of North Carolina. It was a rainy day, and Robinson got in for two punt block snaps after working on that unit in practice for two weeks.

And Robinson, fully aware of the muck he was facing, had a modest goal for his first taste of a college game.

“It was a messy game,” Robinson said. “I went out there and I was like ‘OK, OK.’ I was nervous about where I had to go. It was the first time. I didn’t expect to go out there, but they called me out. Snapping the ball, it was like ‘don’t fall, because it was wet and muddy.’ I got my responsibility, and that was that.”

It was Robinson’s only look on that unit. But if it did anything, it only amplified his eagerness to eventually contribute on a larger scale.

“It just made me a little more angry and want to play more,” Robinson said.

—- Patrick Stevens