The Washington Times - August 3, 2009, 08:16PM

Early August brings many things.

Like the start of football camp (as was the case today at Navy).


And watch lists for a plethora of awards (as was the case today from the Davey O’Brien Award).

It’s hard to get too excited for any of these, because (a) no games have been played; (b) no one who has a great out-of-nowhere season is going to get omitted simply because he wasn’t on a watch list and (c) did I mention nothing has happened yet?

Anyway, four ACC quarterbacks found their way onto the list of 33 (yes, more than a quarter of all major-college quarterbacks made the cut): Georgia Tech’s Josh Nesbitt, Wake Forest’s Riley Skinner, Virginia Tech’s Tyrod Taylor and N.C. State’s Russell Wilson.

Duke’s Thaddeus Lewis … overlooked. Again.

Given the schemes Nesbitt and Taylor are part of, the caretaker nature of the Wake offense and Wilson’s propensity to get hurt (plus the presence of Mike Glennon), here’s betting the ACC’s top passer (at least by yardage) is not on the list.

The good thing is, it’s only a month until everyone begins to find out.

—- Patrick Stevens