The Washington Times - August 3, 2009, 09:52PM

Just did a search for all 12 ACC football coaches on Twitter because, well, it would seem like that’s a part of my job nowadays.

It would not seem like it’s part of their jobs.


Only three of the coaches seem to have credible, semi-active accounts. Then there’s Al Groh (CoachAlGroh), who has a professional-looking page but requires a request before any mere commoner such as myself is permitted to follow his pithy nuggets of wisdom delivered in 140-characters-or-less fashion.

(Is it definitely Groh’s page? It wouldn’t seem like it, since he’s not listed on Virginia’s social media page. But it certainly looks nice enough to be an official page).

In any case, here’s an updated count from within the last hour of how many followers each active, available coach has:

David Cutcliffe, Duke (DavidCutcliffe): 1,536
Dabo Swinney, Clemson (coachdabo): 1,347
Ralph Friedgen, Maryland (CoachFridge): 672

Knowing Friedgen, he’ll probably be competitive about getting followers. And to his credit, he’s the only one of the three whose account was updated in the last week.

As another point of comparison, Gary Williams has 2,636 followers and Brenda Frese has 638. Again, he’ll probably be a little competitive about that, too.

That’ll be a question for him on some quiet day during camp. After all, here’s guessing he doesn’t like to be behind anyone in the ACC in much anything —- even a month before the games begin.

They all have me pummeled. Which is yet another roundabout way of inviting you to follow D1scourse on Twitter.

—- Patrick Stevens