The Washington Times - August 31, 2009, 08:05AM

Maryland linebacker Adrian Moten, knowing a rare opportunity when he sees it, was quick to get out of the Gossett team house on Saturday when coach Ralph Friedgen gave the Terrapins the rest of the day off.

We chatted in the lobby early that afternoon, and he said one thing that really stood out.


“Monday,” Moten said, “I’m reporting for work.”

Indeed, being a football player at a major-college program isn’t easy during camp. But throw class (which starts today in College Park) on top of things and it’s really a grind.

So Moten and his teammates ratchet things up today. And in a way, so too does the blog. It’s finally game week, and even though it really needed to arrive 14 days ago, at least it’s finally here.

This, of course, is an atypical game week. There’s plenty of preview stuff still to roll out, and there will be plenty of predictions in a day or two about the jumble that is the ACC.

Among the other features sure to pop up at some point this week: The series matchup; the stats matchup; an out-of-town Q&A; the always-welcome injury report and a few more anecdotes left over from camp.

That’s a lot. But it’s what should be expected upon reporting for work.

—- Patrick Stevens