The Washington Times - August 31, 2009, 08:25AM

In case you didn’t see today’s dead-tree edition, here’s a link to the ultimate college football road trip for this season.

The rules weren’t too complex: A total of 21 games in 15 weeks, with each conference represented in the BCS the last two years (the six automatic qualifiers plus the Mountain West and WAC) included via at least one trip to a league campus.


Oh, and no more than one trip to a campus and no more than two chances to see the same team. No need to make this a Blessed Tebow fest.

Those rules spiced things up. They also threw a wrench in seeing a decent game or two.

On paper, the best game not included in trip is the Nov. 7 date between Ohio State and Penn State. Instead, Louisiana State-Alabama —- a Saban Bowl —- makes the cut.

Why? Well, this is where the underwhelming schedule of Sept. 26 comes into play. There are some decent games, but hardly great ones. However, the Iowa-Penn State game that night stands out given the teams’ recent history (last year’s last-second field goal, not the 6-4 classic of earlier this decade). And that emerges as the visit to Happy Valley.

In any case, take a peek through and see if there’s an obvious omission. Then drop me a line and explain why. If there are any responses, you can read them in a mailbag later in the week.’

—- Patrick Stevens