The Washington Times - August 5, 2009, 07:52PM

This whole coordinated rollout of football award watch lists has me torn.

On one hand, it’s probably better for everyone that these things are popping up now rather than in mid-June.


On the other, it only accentuates the sheer guesswork involved in trying to forecast eventual winners of these various honors.

At least the Ray Guy Award —- that’s the one for punters —- has a reasonably sized list.

Nine. Just nine. And Maryland’s Travis Baltz happens to be one of them.

So that probably carries a little more weight than being one of a few dozen.

Anyway, Baltz is probably Maryland’s most realistic awards candidate entering the season. And since he’s sharing watch list honors with only eight others, it would seem the folks at the Greater Augusta Sports Council (the people behind the Ray Guy Award) would agree.

—- Patrick Stevens