The Washington Times - August 5, 2009, 10:16AM

Navy’s season commences Sept. 5 with a visit to Ohio State, perhaps its most high-profile opener since a 1968 trip to Penn State.

The Midshipmen have played at some interesting places the last few years —- notably Notre Dame, Air Force and Pittsburgh —- but the Horseshoe might be the best visiting site of the bunch.


Especially if you’re Navy defensive captain Ross Pospisil.

Although Pospisil attended high school in Texas, it turns out he was raised on Big Ten football.

Notably, Iowa football. His dad’s family was from Cedar Rapids, and he attended games when he was younger at Kinnick Stadium.

He even managed to veer into Iowa City during his recruitment process, staying with a cousin in the area to help keep his costs down.

“I went there just to visit,” Pospisil said. “I got a ticket to go my senior year, recruiting-wise. Not that they looked at me seriously, but you know how they just give out tickets like crazy? I was just walking around [thinking] ‘Oh my gosh. This is awesome.’”

Pospisil remains a fan even now. He’ll flip on SportsCenter to catch Iowa highlights after he returns home from Navy’s games, and he admitted he celebrated when the Hawkeyes upended Penn State last season on a last-second field goal.

He also has a little six-degrees-of-separation going in his mind, pointing out that Navy played Pittsburgh last year, just as Iowa did.

That was the closest tie-in to Iowa he could find before this year. And while the trip to Columbus isn’t quite a homecoming, it’s probably the next best thing for the Mids’ inside linebacker.

“Getting to play in a Big Ten stadium is one of those things that just makes you excited,” Pospisil said. “Getting to play a team of that caliber, especially senior year, we’re extremely blessed and privileged just to get that opportunity.”

—- Patrick Stevens