The Washington Times - August 9, 2009, 10:23PM

Apologies are in order for loyal readers a bit surprised at the lack of content on the blog the last few days.

With camp about to start, the last couple days have been devoted to some random around-the-house fix-its and working on a feature on new Maryland defensive coordinator Don Brown for the dead-tree edition.


Oh, and napping. Don’t want to forget that.

Anyway, just wanted to offer up a couple slivers of Brown before calling it a night. He is a blunt guy, the sort of hardy fellow who nicely fits the archetype of the rugged New Englander.

Mission No. 1 going forward with Brown —- avoiding asking questions that will elicit a “die in the past, live in the present” reply. Not that it is a lousy answer to a question, but it’s clear Brown is the sort who will reflect on events to learn a lesson but most certainly will not dwell on outcomes for an extended period of time.

That was the tenor of his answer when I asked about Dion Armstrong —- the nose tackle still in academic eligibility limbo —- last week. Armstrong has not practiced since Brown took over in January.

“I can’t worry about a guy who hasn’t played yet,” Brown said. “I just can’t. If he ends up being there, it’s a bonus. A.J. Francis had a very good spring. [Joe] Vellano showed some strides. Ian Davidson, he played starting three-technique in the spring, and those positions are fairly interchangeable.”

You can be sure head coach Ralph Friedgen will be asked about Armstrong tomorrow during media day, and odds are good we’ll get a non-update update (simply because Armstrong is in the middle of a summer session).

But it’s pretty clear Brown is prepared to go forward with the guys who show up for the Terps’ first practice tomorrow afternoon.

—- Patrick Stevens