The Washington Times - December 17, 2009, 07:43AM

In a perfect world, everything that appeared in the dead-tree edition would magically shift to the web and be available there as well so the same work didn’t have to be done twice.

Of course, in a perfect world, newspaper executives would have never decided to give away their product for free on the Internet about 12-15 years ago. So not only would shifting info to Al Gore’s Invention not be a factor, the industry might not be mired in its current straits.


Anyway, enough of that side issue. The point of this post is to provide online what dead-tree edition readers of this story on men’s basketball assistant pay at Maryland have already seen – the full data set of the eight ACC public schools.

There are four charts, each filed as its own separate entity. There is a rundown of the 24 men’s assistants at the ACC’s public schools, plus a school-by-school look with the numbers from each team’s staff clumped together.

The same sorts of charts exist for the women’s basketball assistants, both individually and as a staff.

As a reminder, Boston College, Duke, Miami and Wake Forest are private schools and not subject to open records request. So that’s why you don’t see them on here.

Also, a few definitions.

* “Base” refers to base pay.

* “Extras” refers to quantifiable additional guaranteed compensation. If someone gets a car provided, that doesn’t count. If someone gets a $5,000 car allowance, it’s included. Things like season tickets are not included. If there’s a dollar figure attached to it, it’s in here.

* “Total” refers to Base and Extras combined.

* “Max Bonus” refers to the maximum bonus that can be quantified by the contracts. For several assistants (notably North Carolina’s men’s assistants, N.C. State men’s assistant Monte Towe and N.C. State’s two paid women’s assistants, there is reference to eligibility for additional bonus compensation in their contracts, but the achievements required to secure that compensation are unspecified).

Think that covers everything. Onward to the data …



Asst/SchoolBaseExtrasTotalMax Bonus
Ritchie McKay, UVa
Steve Robinson, UNC      
Monte Towe, NCSU
Larry Harris, NCSU
Ron Sanchez, UVa
Jason Williford, UVa
Ron Bradley, CU
Stan Jones, FSU
Jerod Haase, UNC
C.B. McGrath, UNC
Corey Williams, FSU
Bill Courtney, VT
Andy Enfield, FSU
Frank Smith, CU
Pete Strickland, NCSU
Chuck Driesell, Md.
Peter Zaharis, GT
Josh Postorino, CU
James Johnson, VT
Ryan Odom, VT
Darryl LaBarrie, GT
John O’Connor, GT
Keith Booth, Md.
Robert Ehsan, Md.



SchoolBaseExtrasTotalMax Bonus
North Carolina  
N.C. State
Florida State
Virginia Tech
Georgia Tech




Asst/SchoolBaseExtrasTotalMax Bonus
Tim Taylor, UVa
Andrew Calder, UNC
Angel Elderkin, UVa
Wendy Palmer, UVa
Richard Barron, NCSU
Stephanie McCormick, NCSU
Tina Langley, Md.
Tracey Williams-Johnson, UNC       
Marlin Chinn, Md.
Cori Close, FSU
Teri Moten, GT
Charlotte Smith, UNC
Eugene Hill, GT
A.G. Hall, CU
David Adkins, Md.
Lance White, FSU
Todd Steelman, CU
Octavia Blue, GT
Angie Johnson, FSU
Shellie Greenman, VT
Marla Brumfield, CU
Stacy Cantley, VT
Angela Crosby, VT
Jon Harper, NCSU



SchoolBaseExtrasTotalMax Bonus
North Carolina   
Florida State
Georgia Tech
N.C. State
Virginia Tech

Patrick Stevens