The Washington Times - December 22, 2009, 11:49PM

There’s one time-tested, sure-fire way to pump up a season-long plus-minus number in college basketball.

Namely, be on the court a whole lot in 40-point routs.


All of Maryland’s regulars pulled that off tonight in a 98-55 demolition of Winston-Salem State, so it’s tough to read too much into any of these numbers.

But a couple guys stood out.

First, Jordan Williams was an efficient +29 in 18 minutes, and his 12-point, eight-rebound effort was every bit as good as it looks on paper.

Also, Cliff Tucker was +20 in 17 minutes, a virtuoso performance for a guy who has seemed lost at times in the early stages of the season. If it only takes one game to shake a guy out of a slump, this might be the one Tucker needed to get situated correctly going forward.

A fascinating season-long number is the remarkable similarity in per-minute plus-minus of all of Maryland’s major contributors. Greivis Vasquez and Eric Hayes are at .38, while James Padgett is at .44. That’s a tiny gap, considering there’s now 10 games of data to work with.

Anyway, here’s the rundown from tonight’s game, with updated season numbers.


Player WSSU   Season  
Per Min.   
1-Milbourne +31
+120 0.40
5-Hayes +22
+116 0.38
11-Choi -2
0 0.00
14-Mosley +34
+134 0.42
15-Levent -2 +1 0.10
20-Williams +29
+95 0.43
+118 0.38
22-Bowie +17 +64 0.40
23-Pearman INJ +4 0.44
24-Tucker +20 +56 0.42
25-Goins INJ -1 -0.25
33-Gregory +17 +21 0.40
35-Padgett +11
+64 0.44


—- Patrick Stevens