The Washington Times - December 23, 2009, 01:08PM

You might wonder why there’s a mid-game update from Georgetown-Harvard, which on paper makes for a much better viewer experience in lacrosse than basketball.

Well, it’s pre-holiday basketball with a noon tip. Fat chance I was passing on that.


In any case, the Hoyas are up 44-33 after an 11-0 run to close out the first half. A few thoughts …

* If anyone owns Greg Monroe in a Big East fantasy league, they’ll be happy with his first-half work. Just 10 points, nine rebounds, three steals, three blocks and an assist. Harvard has no answer for the sophomore star.

* The Crimson’s Jeremy Lin is living up to his reputation. It’s not often when you’re sitting at midcourt when you see someone spot up not too far from the logo in the middle of the floor. Lin did —- and swooshed it easily. Would love to see him go up against Cornell in a meaningful Ivy League game.

* A strong (if shot-happy) start for Chris Wright, who has 13 points. Between his defense and his driving, he’s having an exceptional day other than the three missed 3-pointers.

* If this follows the track of the game I saw last night —- a Maryland rout of Winston-Salem State —- this thing will be a full-fledged rout by the under-12 timeout. There was already enough deja vu from seeing a close game opened up in the closing moments of the first half.

—- Patrick Stevens