The Washington Times - December 28, 2009, 09:59AM

Here’s what the numbers say from Maryland’s 72-59 defeat of Florida Atlantic yesterday …

* The starters carried the load. Maryland’s three reserves combined for a minus-5 on the course of the day. The bench also combined for 41 out of the Terps’ 200 minutes.


* Jordan Williams is increasingly a key for Maryland’s success. The freshman forward now leads the Terps in per minute plus-minus. While the stat doesn’t mean a whole lot on a single game basis, over time it does provide some clue as to who dictates success for the team. Williams is at 0.45 points per minute, while James Padgett is at 0.39 and Dino Gregory is at 0.27.

* Milbourne supremacy. Along those lines, Landon Milbourne (+18 on Sunday) posted the top line of the day. On a per-minute basis, Williams (+15 in 21 minutes) was again especially efficient.

* On guard. Of all of Maryland’s backcourt players, the Terps are most efficient when … Cliff Tucker is on the floor? Yep, though it should be noted Tucker was a combined minus-7 against Cincinnati, Wisconsin and Villanova. Nevertheless, he’s definitely playing much better the last few games.

The full data rundown:


Player FAU   Season  
Per Min.   
1-Milbourne +18
+138 0.42
5-Hayes +14
+130 0.38
11-Choi DNP
0 0.00
14-Mosley INJ
+134 0.42
15-Levent DNP +1 0.10
20-Williams +15
+108 0.45
+127 0.37
22-Bowie +2 +66 0.38
23-Pearman DNP +4 0.44
24-Tucker +14 +70 0.43
25-Goins INJ -1 -0.25
33-Gregory -2 +19 0.27
35-Padgett -5
+59 0.39


—- Patrick Stevens