The Washington Times - December 31, 2009, 08:57AM

One last plus-minus chart, everyone. Who’s shedding a tear?

OK, nostalgia time (and not of the variety my esteemed soon-to-be-former colleague, Dick Heller, specializes in) has to wait for later in the day. There is, after all, still work to be done. The show must go on (at least until the plug is pulled). All that fun stuff.


A few interesting plus-minus notes …

* The only Terp who was in the positive was forward Dino Gregory, who was at +2 in 22 minutes. Statistically, the junior wasn’t much to look at —- 2 points, 2 rebounds, an assist and a blocked shot in 22 minutes. But if the Terps aren’t going to have the patience to get it inside to Jordan Williams, the freshman isn’t going to have a chance to improve the offense’s efficiency. Gregory at least has a fighting chance against a bigger perimeter-oriented player, and isn’t the offensive threat Williams is regardless of how the Terps’ system is functioning. In that prism, Gregory’s +2 makes sense.

* Breaking even were Sean Mosley and Landon Milbourne. If anyone was going to be accused of having particularly good nights, it would be those two. Williams (-8) was his usual effective self when granted the opportunity. They just didn’t come very often.

* An unsettling number for Maryland: Adrian Bowie‘s -8 in eight minutes of play. The Terps absolutely need the junior to at least get back to last season’s level of play, and he’s struggling to even come close. By the way, Bowie’s now taken 44 shots this season, 20 from beyond the 3-point line.

Onward to the chart …

Player W&M       Season  
Per Min.   
1-Milbourne 0
+138 0.38
5-Hayes -5
+125 0.33
11-Choi DNP
0 0.00
14-Mosley 0
+134 0.38
15-Levent DNP +1 0.10
20-Williams -8
+100 0.38
+119 0.31
22-Bowie -8 +58 0.32
DNP +4 0.44
24-Tucker -2 +68 0.39
25-Goins INJ -1 -0.25
33-Gregory +2 +21 0.23
35-Padgett -1
+58 0.38


—- Patrick Stevens