The Washington Times - December 6, 2009, 09:37AM

You might remember back in September when the D1scourse Challenge began.

Even though I zapped the weekly updates (after three straight weeks of winners not sending in questions, I got the message that no one —- not even the people in the weekly college football pick ‘em contest —- really cared that much), the event went on up until last night.


The Beat Writer/Blogger/Commish entry did not successfully defend his title, falling two points shy of loyal reader Slatter. It’s true that Yahoo added a game midweek and I left nine points on the table this week. It’s also true that correctly picking any one of about 45 other games over the course of the season would have secured victory.

So Slatter will collect the Big Bag of Bowl Graft. Third-place finisher Where’s the Cake and fourth-place finisher 2 Fridges 2 Far, who both finished within 10 points of the lead, will also collect spillover prizes collected since the start of football season.

Oh, and one other thing: Look forward to the D1scourse Bowl Challenge in the next few days. Of course, the challenge involved might be whether D1scourse is still operating when the bowl season actually begins, but that’s a matter for another day.

—- Patrick Stevens