The Washington Times - December 8, 2009, 06:45PM

It’s one of the easiest stories to do every year. It’s also one of the most fun.

It’s the annual bowl gift guide, which Sports Business Journal pieced together this week.


Navy, which is off to the Texas Bowl to play Missouri on Dec. 31, will get a $300 Best Buy gift card, a watch, a couple shirts, a hat, belt buckle and a backup. Not a bad haul.

For Temple and either Army or UCLA, who are coming to D.C. on Dec. 29 for the EagleBank Bowl, players will come away with a Slingbox, which might be only the greatest invention since Al Gore came up with the Internet. Also included is a hat, a football and a blanket.

As SBJ points out, a gift suite filled with options players can select from is an increasingly popular option as well. Those gifts can’t surpass $500 in value, but there probably aren’t many folks who wouldn’t like that much in goodies at this time of the year at no cost.

—- Patrick Stevens