The Washington Times - February 10, 2009, 10:01PM

Rather than a full-fledged bracket breakdown today, thought it would be worthwhile to go through exclusively the at-large field.

For those wondering where the likes of Connecticut, Duke, Oklahoma, UCLA, Michigan State, Memphis, Xavier, Gonzaga, Louisiana State and Butler are, well, they’re not in the at-large field right now.


But they could be at some stage, which is why it is important to think of a last team in on this list making it into the field only under the best of circumstances.

Both Maryland and Georgetown are on the outside looking in, but neither is as far away from a postseason spot as you’d initially think. One really good week for either team would probably vault them into the field.

There’s still a couple games in progress that would change these rankings (Clemson-Boston College and Florida-Kentucky come to mind), but it’s still the next-best thing to a full bracket to consider this evening.

1. North Carolina
2. Pittsburgh
3. Louisville
4. Clemson
5. Villanova
6. Wake Forest
7. Missouri
8. Illinois
9. Ohio State
10. Marquette
11. Kansas
12. Syracuse
13. Washington
14. Florida State
15. Florida
16. Arizona State
17. Texas
18. Minnesota
19. California
20. West Virginia
21. Tennessee
22. Purdue
23. Virginia Tech
24. Brigham Young
25. South Carolina
26. Dayton
27. Boston College
28. Arizona
29. San Diego State
30. Southern California
31. Wisconsin
32. Miami
33. Kansas State
34. Cincinnati

35. UNLV
36. Texas A&M
37. Baylor
38. Georgetown
39. Penn State
40. Maryland
41. Michigan
42. Kentucky
43. Oklahoma State
44. Nebraska

—- Patrick Stevens