The Washington Times - February 12, 2009, 01:31PM

It’s a busy day (guess who’s headed to the Maryland-Virginia women’s game in a few hours?), so I haven’t had as much time to reflect on Navy-Lehigh as would have been preferred.

But in any case, the plus-minus numbers from the second half sure don’t look good.


The game itself was a reminder of how little margin of error Navy has this season. It’s plausible Billy Lange‘s team could win the Patriot League tournament; after all, the Midshipmen already beat Holy Cross and nearly toppled American.

But Navy has also lost to Lafayette, Army and now Lehigh, so a first-round ouster could happen just as easily.

Whatever the Mids do, they’d better avoid playing like they did in the final 20 minutes last night, because it’ll be tough to beat anyone with shaky defense and no offensive patience.

Player 1st half
2nd half
Total Minutes
5-Harris +7 -14 -7 31
11-Colbert -1 -17 -18 28
22-Richards -2 DNP -2 2
23-Avworo +15 -15 0 33
24-Kina +6 -19 -13 22
25-Sugars -3 -1 -4 15
32-Brooks -1 -5 -6 3
33-Teague +8 -13 -5 36
44-Veazey +11 -11 0 30

—- Patrick Stevens