The Washington Times - February 13, 2009, 04:00PM

Just got confirmation about an hour or so ago that wideout LaQuan Williams has regained his eligibility.

Whether that makes a huge difference in the spring seems unlikely; Williams had foot surgery after last season and was walking around in a boot last week in the team house.


But it does mean Williams’ academic hole isn’t as huge as initially thought, and that’s good for him.

It also means it’s safe to say Maryland is at 88 scholarship commitments at this stage, with Richard Taylor‘s appeal for a medical hardship season the only obvious personnel issue beyond simply freshmen who may or may not qualify.

So the Terps need to get down three players between now and the beginning of the season. Considering the program shed more than double that through various means (academic casualties, prep school, scholarship release, transfers down) last season, the scholarship mechanics issue probably won’t be a big one in 2009.

—- Patrick Stevens