The Washington Times - February 14, 2009, 07:09PM

A lot to get to in the wake of Maryland‘s 83-73 defeat of Virginia Tech.

But rather than some Maryland-related nonsense and frivolity, there’s already a photo making the rounds of some less than sportsmanlike behavior by Virginia Tech’s Jeff Allen.


Now, I didn’t see this, but it would take some exceptional photoshopping to turn this screen cap from him fouling out late in the game into a shot of him offering an less-than-welcome gesture to the crowd (or whoever) as he made his way to the bench within an hour of the game ending.

Allen found himself suspended for bumping an official last season. Assuming this is legit, it probably isn’t worthy of a full game on the bench. But it’s also a safe bet it won’t make an already angry Seth Greenberg any more pleasant to deal with when the Hokies return to practice on Monday.

—- Patrick Stevens