The Washington Times - February 16, 2009, 04:49PM

Another relatively quiet day in College Park.

OK, “another” isn’t an appropriate term. Anything suggesting the plural form at this point isn’t very wise.


But it was pretty standard, right down to a talk about senior leadership, a usually repetitive topic that took an amusing turn.

“Everyone’s staying composed,” Dave Neal said as he wrapped up an answer. “We have a great coach who knows how to win these pressure games down the stretch. Between me and him, I think we’ll do a good job keeping the rest of the team composed and hopefully keep rolling with the run we’re on right now.”

That was some interesting wording, and he was quickly asked about the pairing of himself and coach Gary Williams and their roles in keeping things composed.

“I didn’t compare,” Neal said. “I said between the two of us, we’re pretty intelligent guys who know the game real well. He knows a little bit more than I do, but he knows what it takes to win and I know what it takes to win and we’re going to try our best to get this team staying the way we are and keep playing extremely well.”

Neal was obviously enjoying the moment, and when his 11 or so minutes in the hot seat we’re up, he started to walk away.

That meant it was a good time for a tongue-in-cheek follow up: So, Dave, what’s the split of responsibility for how things are going.

“I’d go 80/20,” Neal said with a smile.

Interesting. So, you’re the 80, right?

“No, it’s coach Williams,” Neal conceded.

—- Patrick Stevens