The Washington Times - February 16, 2009, 09:50AM

Landon Milbourne knows about hair. His mother is a professional hairdresser, and she passed along some skills to her son while he was growing up.

He was something of a team barber while at Oak Hill Academy, so when he and Adrian Bowie came out with mini-Mohawks on Saturday, the question was clear: Was Milbourne showing off his latest handiwork.


Alas, no. The man who usually saves a few bucks cutting his own hair let some friends handle this situation for him.

“I did think about doing it myself,” Milbourne said. “But I was like ‘Nah, this game is going to be on TV. I don’t want to mess myself up.”

The idea generated during the Terrapins’ bye week, coming from Bowie himself. It’s not a completely-out-of-left-field idea, but at the same time it’s fair wondering whether Bowie’s fever from the flu had subsided when the notion popped into his head.

Or not. He was sporting the new do quite nicely on Saturday, but the scope of the unity cuts didn’t quite go as far as expected.

“I didn’t tell anybody about it and then the rest of the team was talking about doing it,” Bowie said. “Landon got it first and I got it second, and we were expecting everyone else to do it, but of course they didn’t.”

And why, perchance, would that be the case?

Who better to ask than forward Dave Neal, who I happened to run into in a College Park barbershop back in December.

“I did [pass],” Neal said. “I didn’t get one. We’ll see. If the whole team gets one, I’ll obviously get one. Right now we only have three, so I’m going to stick with my normal hairstyle.”

I (probably unwisely) passed on the scrum around Greivis Vasquez, which left only a couple other options to talk hair with. It would be a shame if Sean Mosley shed his old-school look, so instead it was time to ask Eric Hayes how good the odds were he would be rocking a ‘hawk sometime soon.

“It’s a possibility,” Hayes said. “Everybody’s been gradually thinking about it. My hair’s not long enough yet to even start the conversation. Once it gets there, we’ll see.”

—- Patrick Stevens