The Washington Times - February 18, 2009, 08:01PM

Unfortunately, I only get to see George Mason a limited number of times each season.

But here’s guessing the Patriots couldn’t play worse offensively than they did in the first 12 minutes.


And yet they’re tied with Drexel at 24 at the midpoint.

Perhaps the most interesting development is the Patriots’ reliance on Michael Morrison in the first half. The freshman played 14 solid minutes with six points.

One really troubling thing for Mason is its foul shooting, which isn’t new for this season, anyway. The Patriots are 3-for-7 at the line, and that simply doesn’t bode well for next month. The CAA tournament has a chance to be among the most entertaining in the country because of the league’s parity, and a lousy foul shooting team won’t last long. Book it.

OK, there should be much more to write about in the second half. There’d better be, since I’ve got a story to crank out here.

—- Patrick Stevens