The Washington Times - February 2, 2009, 05:55PM

Normal is such a relative thing.

After a while, when something strange or surprising or unusual or a little unexpected occurs all the time, it becomes normal.


It’s sort of like that in College Park.

It is, it’s fair to say, unusual for an athletic director to feel compelled to come down to a media session “to lay to rest” what he or she calls “crazy rumors.”

Obviously, for Maryland, this was a necessary step. It’s not like questions about the relationship between coach Gary Williams and his athletic department (including his boss, athletic director Debbie Yow) are going to go away. Last week’s back and forth ensured plenty of hypothesizing about their ability to continue what is now pushing a 14 1/2-year coexistence. That won’t end soon.

But with Yow declaring her support for Williams today, the buzzards might disappear for a while. As long as Yow remained silent (and she obviously had far more pressing matters to deal with last week while grieving the loss of her sister Kay), there was an extremely high level of uncertainty in play. For now, at least there’s something out there.

That should shift most of the attention back to the court. Trouble is, Maryland enters February under .500 in the ACC and with five of its final nine games against Clemson, Duke, North Carolina and Wake Forest.

So now, there will be plenty of time to focus on basketball. It just might not be quite as successful an endeavor as Williams, Yow or any Maryland fans would like.

—- Patrick Stevens