The Washington Times - February 20, 2009, 12:01AM

The whole Mount Rushmore thing going on at the WWL seems sort of silly to me; that said, it’s a useful device to get into the exact opposite of what Mount Rushmore is all about.

I mean, what would you think of a mountain with the faces of Warren Harding, James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce and Andrew Johnson etched into it? Probably about as much as historians think of those guys. It would probably be the American history equivalent of South of the Border, with billboards heralding fireworks, miniature golf and smut (or Teapot Dome, impeachment, and pre-secession ineptitude) for scores of miles on the journey in.


Anyway, my friend the Official Dot-Com Diva has come up with her Mount Rushmore of Maryland football. Tough to complain with those choices; maybe Jack Scarbath for Boomer Esiason? Scarbath did finish second in the Heisman voting, though Esiason might be the most famous Maryland football player ever (even moreso than Randy White, given his media presence).

But what of the reverse? What of the people who fans so despise and mutter about long after they’re gone? What of those folks whose mere mention causes shudders as an involuntary reaction?

Basically, who are the Ninth Circle All-Stars?

Maybe that’s a little misleading, since Dante’s three denizens of the center of hell are Brutus, Cassius and Judas Iscariot; there just aren’t traitors to work with among the folks who passed through College Park.

But there have to be some fan non-favorites who clearly did more harm than good (and this is over all sports, not just football or basketball).

Any ideas who would fit here? I’ll take some suggestions and come up with a list of fan nominees sometime next week. Feel free to e-mail with any ideas.

—- Patrick Stevens