The Washington Times - February 22, 2009, 08:49PM

If there is something a big game brings out at Comcast Center, it’s quality sign-making.

Yes, the students at Maryland can be coarse and vulgar, probably moreso than most places in the ACC.


But when their energies are directed in clever ways, well, it creates some entertaining moments.

Like seeing the sign for D-U-Ty Lawson, referencing the North Carolina point guard’s June arrest. Here’s guessing Lawson is used to such taunts at this stage.

Of much greater hilarity, however, was the poster with a picture of Tyler Hansbrough, mouth agape, next to a picture of Beaker from The Muppet Show.

This was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in an arena in a long while. Alas, I discovered Deadspin apparently had a similar picture up two years ago thanks to a search through Al Gore’s Invention.

So the bad news: The Hansbrough-Beaker comparison isn’t new.

The good news: It was still a great laugh, and thus still worthy of mentioning and passing along a salute to the student who took the time to put together his own Psycho T/Muppet comparison.

—- Patrick Stevens