The Washington Times - February 22, 2009, 05:52PM

In case you missed the final score from Long Island, it was Virginia 12, Stony Brook 10, Garrett Billings 8.

Yep, Billings went off big-time for the nation’s No. 1 lacrosse team.


A 20-spot for the Cavaliers was excellent, as was Syracuse‘s romp over Army. So that will set up a 1 vs. 2 matchup at the Dome on Friday night, which is just perfect after the teams played two absolute classics last season.

The two big winners of the weekend were Georgetown (more on them a bit later) and Harvard, which stunned Duke in Durham. It wasn’t a matter of whether former Navy assistant John Tillman could turn around the Crimson, it was when it would happen. Long viewed as a slumbering giant, maybe Harvard is awake at long last.

(Speaking of big wins for former area assistants, Fairfield defeated Delaware 10-9 in ex-Maryland assistant Andrew Copelan‘s first game on Saturday)

Certainly, that loss doesn’t bode well for Duke, which only has to deal with an angry Maryland team next weekend in Baltimore. These aren’t the same Blue Devils as the last two years, and this loss means it is time to rank them accordingly until they prove otherwise.

Here’s the Inside Lacrosse media poll ballot I just filed, plus five more teams:

1. Virginia (3-0)
2. Syracuse (2-0)
3. Georgetown (1-0)
4. Johns Hopkins (1-0)
5. North Carolina (4-0)
6. Maryland (2-1)
7. Cornell (1-0)
8. Notre Dame (2-0)
9. UMBC (2-0)
10. Navy (2-1)
11. Princeton (1-0)
12. Harvard (1-0)
13. Duke (2-1)
14. Brown (1-0)
15. Ohio State (2-1)
16. Loyola (1-1)
17. Hofstra (1-0)
18. Denver (1-1)
19. Albany (0-1)
20. Penn (1-0)

21. Colgate (1-2)
22. Army (1-1)
23. Massachusetts (1-1)
24. Fairfield (1-0)
25. Bucknell (0-2)

—- Patrick Stevens