The Washington Times - February 24, 2009, 09:33PM

Another day, another resume comparison.

Maryland, obviously, doesn’t play until tomorrow, so the Terps’ numbers didn’t change much.


But the mystery team always changes, which makes things interesting.

Really interesting, actually, with this data courtesy of

Team Maryland Mystery 
Record 17-9 23-6
RPI 54 46
SOS 30 115
Noncon. SOS
138 150
Top-50 3-7 1-0
100+ 9-1 14-2
Best wins
H: UNC (3)
N: Michigan St.  (5) 
H: RPI Nos. 29, 52
Bad losses
H: Morgan St. (149)
H: No. 127
A: No. 144
Road 1-5 7-4
Road + Neutral 
3-7 9-4

The obvious: The mystery team has an advantage in overall record, but clearly plays in an inferior league. It hasn’t played a top-50 team on the road, and built its gaudy record at the expense of some mediocre-to-worse teams.

At the same time, this bunch has won on the road, has a similar nonconference schedule strength as Maryland and owns a moderately better RPI.

Nevertheless, it’s anyone’s guess how good the mystery team really is. With only one game against a top-50 opponent, it’s tough to say just how well it would do against a stronger schedule.

If one spot came down to these two teams as of today, Maryland would hold a slight edge over the anonymous team —- which happens to be Missouri Valley leader Creighton. That’s not to say the Bluejays might not become a viable at-large possibility if they stumble late in the conference tournament; it’s just that they don’t have quite enough going for them to get selected over a mid-pack ACC team at this stage.

—- Patrick Stevens